Housing – a shared guilt

I’ve been banging on for a couple of decades by now about the housing situation in Ireland and why it is so bad. The reason it’s so bad is that affordable housing in Ireland is not politically popular.

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Photo from Independent.ie  This is a child’s home for the night. 

People with houses like them to be valuable. So they vote for parties that support that idea. And they object to new housing near them. etc. So housing is expensive in a country and in a city mostly made up of empty space. And so kids sleeping in Garda stations is on that large chunk of the Irish electorate which likes their house to be worth a lot of money.


Yeah, the govt are the ones with the actual “blood on their hands”, but it’s important to understand why they do it. They do it because people care more about the value of their own house than they do about this.

All the petty corruption of a Burke or a Haughey is of minimal impact compared to the social and economic damage caused by the Irish electorate’s belief that their house should get more expensive every year. It’s a widely shared guilt. So next time you hear someone gleefully telling you how much their house is worth, think about how you should respond.

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