This is amazing. Once again, when asked a simple question, an Irish Government Minister shames the idea of democracy with an evasive non-answer. It’s a disgrace.

Worse, the Minister is giving increased credibility to the party that is asking these simple questions……the party that can probably do more damage to Ireland than the rest of them put together. And that’s saying a lot.

NAMA Wine Lake

A theme examined on here before – here and here for example – is the unprecedented benefit to the well-being of this State from oversight by the bailout troika. It mightn’t feel like it to us now, with austerity budget after austerity budget, a collapse in living standards, high unemployment, emigration and scary debts, but really this misses the bigger picture as regards governance – the mistakes were made in the 2000s and the present period is about dealing with the mess from that legacy. When future historians look back at the big-picture history of Ireland, they are likely to conclude that Ireland in 2010-2015 enjoyed a Golden Age of enlightened governance. I say “2015” because, although we will receive the last of the bailout funds at the end of 2013, the Troika will still continue to visit but their reviews and conclusions were become increasingly less significant to the…

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  1. we need to convince the tracker mortgage holders to do there patriotic duty and allow there contracts to be and shame those with tracker mortgages….we must hunt them out f there beds in the streets ,,in the fields

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