Martina Devlin’s sophistry isn’t even very good

This is in reaction to Martina Devlin’s article in the Irish Independent.

The article is here.


Martina Devlin’s selective amnesia is depressing to see. The War of Independence had its shameful moments too, and the 1916 Rising was probably done against the wishes of the people of the people of Dublin. No-one who knows the history could deny it, and no-one who was standing for election in the 20’s denied their part in the violence either. All the serious sources agree that Martin McGuinness is still denying his part.

Also, if the IRA had fought only against security forces and British Army we’d be having a different discussion today. However, Sinn Fein and the IRA didn’t fight a “good war”. If they had, there’d have been no Kingsmills. No Tullyhommon bomb. No kidnapping of Don Tidey. No Eniskillen. No murder of former RUC reservists as they visited their girlfriends, massacring them with automatic weapons after they were pulled unarmed from their cars. No spin offs into the “Real IRA” and the Omagh bomb. No intimidation of businesses across the country. No vans full of SF posters and kidnap kits driving around Dublin. No mobs of former IRA men now in organized crime. No campaign against the Republic of which McGuinness now wants to be President. But all those things did happen, and they weren’t accidents of war.

They were cold blooded pre-planned monstrosities that had no justification.

No. The unfortunate people of Northern Ireland may have to wait until a generation of bully-boys ages out, as has now fortunately happened with Paisley.

“Down here” – as the SF mob often put it – we have no need to make deals with the devil. We can “move on” into a brighter future and leave the monsters of the past behind us. I’m a Republican and SF and the IRA are a stain on the good name of Ireland and of Republicans.


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