Vincent Browne wants Rory’s money

The Irish Times mod still didn’t release my comment on Vincent Browne’s article yesterday at (read Vincent first) so here it is;
Once again Vincent Browne brings bizarre arguments to support his ideas of “socialism”

Rory Mc may feel he still owes people something for their support in his education and training, but that’s a very different thing than agreeing with any of the following ideas;
– that he owes me anything
– that he owes Vincent Browne anything
– that he owes the rioters in Belfast anything
– that the state should impose, through the taxman, its idea of what Rory Mc’s social obligations might be

I don’t know Rory Mc. I’ve never met him. I’m not interested in golf, particularly. He seems like a nice man. Good luck to him.

He doesn’t owe me a red cent.

(and not only because I live in the ROI and he’s probably taxed elsewhere)

Essentially, VB mis-uses ideas of social justice to assert that Rory McIlroy owes money to wider Irish society because “we” supported him in becoming the champion he is. I don’t know Rory McIlroy, never met him. If he feels he owes me money then great, but I don’t feel that the state should turn up with taxmen to collect on my behalf.


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