Why Vote for Hugh (Election Archive 2011)

You don’t know me. I’m not a celebrity. I’m not on your TV all the time. Like most people I’m busy trying to make a living every day, raising kids, paying taxes. I wasn’t looking for the limelight.

However Ireland is in crisis and I have broad international experience across many of the areas where Ireland faces challenges today and in the future; areas like energy, telecom, internet, international business. I think I can bring a lot of value to the Dail, value based on hard-earned, real-world experience.

Also, while I’m not a PhD economist I’ve studied finance at masters level and used that training pretty widely. Ireland and the Irish people need solutions to the banking and fiscal crises and need people who can understand and explain those solutions – both here and in Europe. No-one is going to solve this crisis by themselves, but Ireland needs far more public representatives who “get it”.

As a businessman and former engineer my focus is finding and building solutions, re-imagining systems to do the same with less. That’s one thing we badly need.

If elected I’ll be able to push government to do the right thing, and to embarrass them into not doing the wrong thing. I can be a voice of sanity and clarity. I’ll bring creativity and creative dissent to Irish politics. I’ll ask the right questions and keep asking them. I’ll put forward good suggestions and relentlessly pursue them. I’ll be a troublemaker and pursuer of consensus in equal measure. Give me that chance.


Solving the crisis demands fresh thinking

Restoring our democracy needs independent voices

Building Ireland’s future requires new faces


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