In the Press & Media (Election Archive 2011)

While Hugh is not a prominent public figure, he was warning about the housing crisis in Ireland from well before 2006, and by 2006 he was getting pretty loud. More recently he strongly opposed NAMA before it was finally passed.

As he says himself, “letters to the paper are like puns – the lowest form of political expression” but for many people there has been no other medium where reality might intrude into the news.

Here are some examples from over the years, mostly serious, some tinged with sarcasm..

Borrowing our way to a bright future” – Irish Independent March 25 2006

A Poor Excuse for expensive Housing” – Irish Independent June 12, 2006

Massive mortgages go to tax exempt” – Irish Examiner June 29 2006

Defining ‘key-workers’ is divisive” -Irish Examiner September 27 2006

Overturning the rezonings” – Irish Independent November 1, 2006

The mythical housing ladder” – Irish Independent March 28 2007 (bottom of page)

Be wary of ‘help’ for first-time buyers” – Irish Independent Sept 5 2008

Scale of our crisis must be realised” – Irish Independent August 7 2009

NAMA deal is a pig in a poke” – Irish Independent August 28, 2009

Don’t chase good bankers away” – Irish Independent Sept 7 2009

Apart from our historically bad housing policy, Hugh was also disturbed by the spectacle of the public sector strikes in 2009 when the main unions held the country to ransom – a country that was obviously on the edge of catastrophe.

Debt the only solution for SIPTU members” – Irish Examiner October 7 2009

€4 billion hole is just the tip of the iceberg” – Irish Independent October 26 2009

Strikers should try another viewpoint” – Irish Examiner Nov 26 2009

More recently, as a long time contributor on the discussion group, his attitudes to economics, markets and finance are there for all to see, albeit in a more informal context.


Solving the crisis demands fresh thinking

Restoring our democracy needs independent voices

Building Ireland’s future requires new faces


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