About Hugh (Election Archive 2011)

In the officeLiving in Sandymount but born and raised in Kilkenny, I got a 1st Hons Engineering Degree at UCD.

Like many others I left in the ’80s. I worked as an offshore oil engineer, mostly around the North Sea, though I also spent time in West Africa and the US.

Nine years and a few patents later I resigned to do an MBA at INSEAD in France. I focused on Finance and Entrepreneurship and graduated on the Dean’s List.

I lived with my family in Barcelona until the end of 2008. While there I worked in consulting and at HP, then investing in and leading a mobile startup that was on the Red Herring European Top 100 and won European Prizes at CEBIT.

Over the years I’ve worked in India, Africa, the US and South-East Asia as well as living in the UK, The Netherlands, France and Spain.

I returned to Ireland to join Google in Ringsend in October 2008. Maybe it was a bad time to come back, but it was nice to be home. I’m working in Online Sales and Operations, currently leading a global project.

I speak English, fairly decent Dutch and Spanish, and rusty French.

Now that I’m back in Ireland I follow Kilkenny’s fortunes in hurling, still watch Barcelona in football, and still know nothing about rugby. That’s me.

Why am I standing?
One of the kidsTo put it bluntly, I can’t take it any more. I’m not even properly middle-aged and I’ve seen Ireland’s prosperity thrown away twice in my life. Twice.

As I watched the government and opposition parties arguing about the future I was increasingly disillusioned and have become convinced that most of the current political class are not capable of turning this country around.

By now it’s clear to almost everyone that Ireland needs new politics. We need a democratic revolution, if you’ll excuse the phrase. Even the big political parties are saying it – except it doesn’t ring true coming from them.

For a while, like many people, I hoped “someone else” would do something. Then in the end I ran out of excuses. Plus, I have people I need to look in the eye every day.

A few brave souls stood up before me. Many bowed out. In the end the choice had to be made so here I stand.


Solving the crisis demands fresh thinking

Restoring our democracy needs independent voices

Building Ireland’s future requires new faces


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